5+ Rumah Adat Kalimantan Timur : Nama, Gambar dan Penjelasan


5. Rumah Bubungan Tinggi

Rumah Bubungan Tinggi is the traditional house of the Kutai Malay people in Kalimantan Timur. It is a two-story house with a distinctive roof design that resembles a high peak. The house is built on stilts, with the ground floor serving as a living area and the upper floor as a sleeping area.

The construction of Rumah Bubungan Tinggi involves a combination of wood, bamboo, and palm fibers. The walls and floor are made of wooden planks, while the roof is covered with palm fibers or ironwood shingles. The house is decorated with intricate carvings and motifs that reflect the Kutai Malay culture.

Inside Rumah Bubungan Tinggi, there are several rooms or compartments that serve different purposes. The house is designed to accommodate extended families, with each room occupied by a nuclear family.



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