4+ Pakaian Adat Nusa Tenggara Barat : Nama, Gambar dan Penjelasan



Mbojo is an ethnic group in Nusa Tenggara Barat that is known for its unique traditional clothing. The Mbojo traditional clothing is characterized by its bold colors and intricate weavings.

The women’s traditional clothing in Mbojo consists of a blouse called “baju kawu” and a sarong. The baju kawu is made of hand-woven fabric and is often adorned with elaborate embroidery. The sarong, like the Sasak and Sumbawa sarongs, is made of woven fabric but is more vibrant and colorful. It is usually worn in a folded style and is tied with a belt.

The men’s traditional clothing in Mbojo is called “baju mbojo.” It is a long-sleeved shirt made of hand-woven fabric. The baju mbojo is often worn with a sarong and a headscarf. The headscarf is usually made of woven fabric and is tied in a traditional style.



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