Rumah Adat 34 Provinsi di Indonesia dan Nama Daerah Asalnya


Indonesia, with its diverse culture and rich heritage, is known for its traditional houses called “rumah adat.” These traditional houses represent the unique architectural styles and cultural identities of each province in the country. From the traditional wooden houses of Sumatra to the stilted houses of Papua, each province has its own distinct rumah adat. In this article, we will explore the rumah adat of all 34 provinces in Indonesia and their origins.

1. Aceh – Rumoh Aceh

Rumoh Aceh is the traditional house of Aceh province, located in the northern part of Sumatra. It is characterized by its steep roof, which is influenced by Islamic architecture. The house is built on stilts and has intricate carvings on its walls. Rumoh Aceh reflects the strong Islamic heritage of the region.

2. Sumatera Utara – Rumah Bolon

Rumah Bolon is the traditional house of the Batak people in North Sumatra. It is a longhouse made of wood and bamboo. The roof is steep and made of palm fiber. Rumah Bolon is known for its unique architectural style and is often decorated with intricate carvings.

3. Sumatera Barat – Rumah Gadang

Rumah Gadang is the traditional house of the Minangkabau people in West Sumatra. It is a large house with a curved roof, resembling buffalo horns. Rumah Gadang is built using traditional construction techniques without the use of nails. The house represents the matrilineal culture of the Minangkabau people.



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