Rumah Adat 34 Provinsi di Indonesia dan Nama Daerah Asalnya


34. Papua – Rumah Honai

Rumah Honai is the traditional house of Papua province. It is a roundhouse made of bamboo and thatched roof. The house is built on the ground and represents the cultural heritage of the Papuan people.


Indonesia is a country with a rich cultural heritage, and the traditional houses of each province reflect this diversity. From the steep-roofed Rumah Aceh to the roundhouse Rumah Honai, each rumah adat tells a unique story about the history and culture of its region. These traditional houses are not only architectural marvels but also symbols of cultural identity and pride.

The preservation and promotion of rumah adat are essential in maintaining Indonesia’s cultural heritage. By appreciating and understanding the significance of these traditional houses, we can contribute to the preservation of Indonesia’s rich cultural diversity for future generations.



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