5+ Rumah Adat Kalimantan Timur : Nama, Gambar dan Penjelasan


2. Rumah Betang

Rumah Betang, also known as Rumah Panjang, is another traditional house found in Kalimantan Timur. It is the traditional house of the Dayak Bahau tribe, who live in the upper reaches of the Mahakam River. Rumah Betang is characterized by its long and narrow structure, resembling a boat turned upside down.

The house is built on stilts, with the main entrance located at the front. The walls and floor are made of wood, while the roof is covered with palm fibers or ironwood shingles. Rumah Betang can reach up to 150 meters in length, accommodating multiple families.

Inside Rumah Betang, there are several rooms or compartments called “bilek.” Each bilek is occupied by a nuclear family and has its cooking area and sleeping area. The bilek is separated by a central corridor called the “serambi,” which serves as a common area for social activities.



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