5+ Rumah Adat Kalimantan Timur : Nama, Gambar dan Penjelasan


4. Rumah Baqong

Rumah Baqong is the traditional house of the Dayak Benuaq tribe in Kalimantan Timur. It is a spacious house built on stilts, with a design that reflects the tribe’s close connection to nature. Rumah Baqong is typically located near rivers or other bodies of water, emphasizing the tribe’s reliance on fishing and agriculture.

The structure of Rumah Baqong is characterized by its high roof, which provides good air circulation and protects the house from the tropical heat and heavy rainfall. The walls and floor are made of wood, while the roof is covered with palm fibers or ironwood shingles.

The interior of Rumah Baqong is divided into several sections, including the main area, sleeping area, and storage area. The house is decorated with traditional ornaments and carvings that depict the tribe’s spiritual beliefs and cultural heritage.



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