5+ Rumah Adat Kalimantan Timur : Nama, Gambar dan Penjelasan


3. Rumah Baloy

Rumah Baloy is the traditional house of the Kutai ethnic group in Kalimantan Timur. It is a rectangular-shaped house with a steep roof, resembling a traditional boat. The house is built on stilts and has a spacious interior that can accommodate multiple families.

The construction of Rumah Baloy involves a combination of traditional materials such as wood and bamboo. The walls and floor are made of wooden planks, while the roof is covered with palm fibers or ironwood shingles. The house is decorated with intricate carvings and motifs that represent the Kutai culture and beliefs.

Rumah Baloy also has a unique feature called “sambungan,” which refers to the additional space at the front or back of the house. The sambungan serves as a storage area or workspace for various activities.



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